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3+2 combined bachelor's/master's programme

Through this programme, students from USTC can obtain a Bachelor’s degree from USTC and a Master’s degree from the University of Twente in only five years. Normally a Bachelor’s programme would take four years while a Master’s programme takes two years, so you would need six years to complete them both. With this combined programme you therefore save one year.

  • During the first three years of the Bachelor’s study you follow the normal course programme at USTC.
  • You will spend the fourth year of the Bachelor’s programme at the University of Twente as an exchange student from USTC. During this year you take Master’s courses in Twente and work on a research project for USTC. At the end of this year (if successful) you will receive your Bachelor’s degree from USTC. However this year also counts as the first year of the Master’s programme in Twente
  • During the fifth year you will be registered as a Master’s student in Twente and take the second year of the Master’s study. This year will contain a Master’s thesis project. At the end of the year you will receive the Master of Science degree from the University of Twente.
  • After your graduation from the Master's programme you will be eligible for PhD-positions at the University of Twente or other universities in the world.

Available UT master’s programmes

Dependingon your USTC Bachelor's programme, Master's programmes are available, according to the table below.

USTC - BSc programme:

Can follow UT - MSc programme:

Chemistry and Materials science

Chemical Engineering (Molecular & Master. Eng)

Chemistry and Materials science

Physical sciences 


Electronics Information Engineering

Electronics Science and Technology

Communication Engineering

Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

Embedded Systems

Systems and Control

Admission requirements for the Combined BSc - MSc programme

You must realize that that the Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s programme will be a demanding and ambitious programme. Therefore, only students will be accepted who have obtained study results well above average during the Bachelor’s programme. See the Admission Requirements for more information.

Application procedure

As you need consent from the USTC for your exchange year, you should send your application documents to the Undergraduate Education Office of the USTC. An interview by a UT staff member will be part of the procedure. For more details have a look at the application procedure.


  • Application deadline: 15 March
  • The admission decision will be made by the UT before 15 April.
  • Visa application deadline: 30 April
  • Arrival on the UT campus: mid/end August
  • Start academic year as an exchange student at the UT: 1 September

Financing your study

More information about financing your studies.