Twente Educational model

The bachelor's model is based on thematic units called modules. Each module revolves around a certain theme or project. The different modules are integrated to obtain a holistic structure that offers several approaches to the field covering theoretical and practical aspects. The learning needs of students are mainly oriented for each project, where the students can apply the knowledge gained from the components of the module. Different disciplines can converge on the same topic. For example, a task assigned to a group of students could test a certain degree of knowledge in various disciplines. Thus, every group acquires knowledge independently, but always under the supervision of a tutor.

There are 12 English programs being taught. The University focuses on internationalization. You can find the list with English taught Bachelor's below.

Discover your strength as a researcher, designer or manager

The vision of the University of Twente is that students should be able to develop in three professional roles: researcher, designer and manager. These roles complement each other. During the project degree program, students lay the academic foundation for each of these functions. Specialization in one of the "three O" is reserved for the Masters stage. The development of one or more roles is the essence of each project. Thus, following several modules and assuming different roles in the project groups, students can discover where their talents lie and preferences.

The University of Twente holds the view that students and graduates should grow in three professional areas: research, design and management. These roles complement each other. During the project's degree, students must receive the foundation for each of these functions, while during the expertise acquired further specialization in any of them. The possibility of developing one or more of these features depends on the purpose of each project. With several modules and develop different functions, students can identify where your talents and preferences.

Here are some of the Bachelor of Science programs in English:

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