Unlike many other countries, most doctoral students in the Netherlands are hired as salaried employees and often work directly for college. The head of the research group defines research projects and is responsible for recruiting graduate students to carry out the project. If there is any post doctoral post available within your area of research , we invite you to apply for these vacancies. Vacancies for PhD positions at the University of Twente, including those related to the "Twente Graduate School" are published in the vacancies page.

self financing and scholarship

You can also access the "Twente Graduate School" as a doctoral student or self-funded international scholarship. In that case, the research projects are  initiated on the basis of  proposals submitted by the candidate as part of their application. A teacher in the field of question must show interest in the candidate  and his research proposal. 

Before a proposal can be considered, it must clearly demonstrate that the  applicant intends to apply for a scholarship with guaranteed funding.

Please note that the University of Twente does not offer scholarships or other funding for doctoral students.