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instagram contest
instagram contest

CuriousU Summer School wins! Brazilian NESO winner chooses the University of Twente

Only last year, the University of Twente campus saw the first edition of the CuriousU Summer School, and already it stands to receive a great distinction. The winner of a Brazilian Instagram contest organised by NESO Brazil chooses to attend the University of Twente. Luise Fialho’s prize was attendance of any of the eight major Summer Schools in the Netherlands. KLM will arrange her journey to the Netherlands.

CuriousU seems like an amazing experience!Luise Fialho

The contest

Brazilian students participated in an Instagram contest by posting pictures with the hashtag #estudarnaholanda. A grand total of 5.439 photos were posted. The images mainly depict the international aspirations and artistic expressions of the Brazilian students. A jury consisting of specialists in art photography from the University of Kabk chose the winners. This is the winning photo:

CuriousU: Summer School Festival in Europe 14 - 23 August 2016

What’s CuriousU?
CuriousU is a combination of a Summer School and a festival, offering a unique experience involving academic courses, music, sports, theatre, inspiring guest speakers, etc. The first edition of CuriousU in 2015 was a success, featuring more than 160 participants from 28 countries across the world. The courses reflect the University of Twente’s research focus and academic programmes:

New: apart from the academic courses, this time around CuriousU will also include a variety of other courses, being:

Curiousu Aftermovie (2015)

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